Illinois Planned Parenthood Council
We have some very exciting news to share about the future of reproductive health care in Illinois. On March 1, 2008, five Planned Parenthood affiliates in Illinois -- Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, Planned Parenthood of Decatur, Planned Parenthood of East Central Illinois, Planned Parenthood Heart of Illinois, and Planned Parenthood Springfield Area -- will consolidate to become Planned Parenthood of Illinois or PPIL.

This historic consolidation will allow us to better serve the women and families of Illinois. As one affiliate we will marshal the collective voice of the pro-choice community across the state of Illinois enabling us to expand the depth and breadth of Planned Parenthood’s mission in unprecedented ways.

Toward that end, as a statewide affiliate, Planned Parenthood of Illinois will:

Increase access to high quality reproductive health care services in under-served communities across the state;

Build a strong administrative infrastructure that focuses on streamlining patient delivery systems, expanding educational programs, and enhancing our ability to activate and organize volunteers; and
Extend the pro-choice family and empower our communities to establish alliances that reach far beyond county lines.

If you would like to support our work towards increasing access to affordable reproductive health care across the great state of Illinois -- as Planned Parenthood of Illinois, please join our online advocacy program at  As an Action Network member, you will receive action alerts and news updates regarding reproductive rights and women's health issues as they arise at the state and federal level. Also check out Insurance Quotes as they have updates for all your health needs.